08 October 2015


Seven minutes of complete and utter annihilation from New Zealand.  Riffs are killer, attack is ferocious, people are cool as shit to hang out with, and I fukkn swear that if this band were from somewhere cool then people would have lost their shit. Well, it's been a few years, and no one's looking, so feel free to let yourself go, motherfukkrs. Also - they pressed a 12" in criminally limited quantities, but a lot of them made it off their island(s), so I suggest you start looking.

**The breakdown in "I Don't Pray, I Think" is so short and so unbelievably sick. 
**I want to visit New Zealand's southern island someday. 
**This band makes me want to listen to '00s fastcore forever. 
**The riff that starts "Fundamentalist" is so simple and so simply perfect. 
**Punks should wear shoes....I mean, I'm not wrong here.


God Harvest said...

This fuckin' band is so stellar. Dudes are cool, and band is fucking tight. Love this. Nice post.


Fes said...

These peoples were/are radical, that 12" is undoubtedly a screamer. You welcome down to the south island anytime Wizard, just remember to bring your tape collection...

STiG NZ said...

ha, great post, that's my son in the photo, live in a garage in hamilton. All these people are still very active in the NZ Punk scene. Members are in bands like Rogernomix, Meth Drinker, Bonecruncher and Phone Sex Robots. If you want releases from these guys contact Sam at alwaysneverfunrecords.wordpress.com