15 October 2015


A seemingly nice grandmother type from Arizona belting out endearing versions of your favorite '70s/'80s pop/country faves. Her rendition of "Could I Have This Dance" (Anne Murray) sounds like a high school talent show version of the original, while "Why Have You Left The One You Left Me For" might swing even more than Crystal Gayle's version (wait, who am I kidding? but April manages to pull this one off nonetheless). I wonder if she had a backing band? Session musicians? Regardless, finding a crew to belt out Tanya Tucker's "It's Only Over For You" and make it sound authentic is no mean feat - right down to the drum fill into the initial chorus. "Talkin' In Your Sleep" sounds almost fresh from Walker, feel free to file this track alongside legends Crystal Gayle (several reworkings of her hits in this collection) and Reba McEntire, who both had good runs with the same simple (and simply perfect?) song. Some of the instrumentation is admittedly hokey (take "Somebody Loves You" as a prime example), but this is a solid collection, crafted by an obvious fan...enjoy.


K said...

Wow. Very cool. Thanks so much for this.

K said...

I've had this on loop for the past few days. What a great find.