19 September 2014


I loved the demo from a couple of years back (one of by favorite free bins scores to date), but these Canadians have really stepped up their game for this full length teaser from last year. Meaty and forceful hardcore that sounds more desperate than mean...and anyone who has been truly desperate knows which one is more powerful. Every song warrants a clenched fist, and the breakdowns are fukkn textbook. Clean guitars give the recording an edge than stands in defiance to the lack of "heavy" that the recording offers - WEAK LINK doesn't need to blow your doors off with tonnage, they manage that with the songs. Highlights: the lead in to the breakdown that doesn't happen in "Useless Sacrifice," the chorus to "Original Position" and the entirety of "Contact High" (a song that totally should not work from a band like this, but a song that totally works). You can trust me.

A lot of these songs are on the EP they released in July, and I almost forgot to mention that that these fools are from Newfoundland. That place is super far from my house.


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sick tape.

Anonymous said...

i love this fucking band.