10 September 2014


Suffocating and psychedelic black metal courtesy of the consistently successful Universal Consciousness label. While moments of this (likely bedroom solo) project are indeed sinister and terrifying, the majority of this 40 minutes is a swarm of dark and morose sound, more like a forlorn surrender than anything approaching a vicious attack. When percussion makes itself audible (as on the admittedly disconcerting "The Bees Are In My Head") the result is a cacophony that demands as much attention as the repetitive wall of guitars that rely on intent instead of fidelity. This project is a fukkn mission - feel the ferocity of "Pain Of Alethela Of Truth" that drops like a bomb and spends its entire existence disseminating despair with focused intensity...Seattle's QULIELFI will envelop you. I suppose this is black metal? As far as I'm concerned it's just heavy, in every sense of the word (but mostly the emotional one).

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thousandfolded said...

Thanks for the intro to these guys...great sounds.