28 September 2014


I only saw this Bay Area outfit once, and they blew the roof off the joint. Discordant and ferocious hardcore reminiscent of late '90s clean cut (almost emo) stuffs, but PILLS are fukkn pissed, and it shows. The blasts before the breakdown in "Connected" raise the hairs on my arms, and the meandering guitar in "Blank" is a very worthwhile challenge...stick with it until that song's breakdown and you will be thusly rewarded. Only three songs here, but this shit is pure power. I shared a practice space with them for a while, and found this tape in a pile of trash after they moved out - grown ass man digging through the garbage? Yes. 

Members of ACTS OF SEDITION, FUNERAL DINER, BURIAL YEAR, NEGATIVE STANDARDS and other, if those sort of things matter to you...

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