15 September 2014


Five minutes of nasty, distorted, noisy filth that sounds about like the cover implies. Relentless guitar torture, drunken mutant vocals and an attack that's equal parts pogo punk on crack and a really unfortunate trainwreck. Halifax, man....the shit is good.

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Blacktooth said...

At first, I was like, I hate this bands name. And then, I was like, a band with the name "Cumrag" gives no fucks whether I like their name or not. So then, I thought, maybe this band really doesn't give any fucks and maybe they are really fucking crusty and pissed and sonic. So then, I listened to them, and I was like, "well, that's everything I had hoped for." I like them. And they probably don't fucking care about that either. Power to the people. Thanks for the post.