08 September 2014


This shit dropped a couple of years back and I kinda snoozed (even though Ken fukkn sent me a copy), but thankfully there's nothing wrong with diving in headfirst after the fact. Only five songs here, and it's a sound worthy of at least twice that many...imagine the noisy hardcore filter applied to '80s California punk and '90s East Bay hardcore instead of DBeat. Sounds you are already familiar with, but sounds that feel new again, sounds that feel important again. "Decay" is the banger: starting with a squall of feedback and a UK82 drumbeat, then the low end rumble introduces the searing guitars and affected vocals to carry us through until a breakdown that screams filthy Oakland warehouse 1993 cuts the tempo in half only to have the song lurch back into gear with a brilliantly simple and piercing guitar lead - the whole thing is a killer, but that song is a fukkn classic. Sacramento noise punk that didn't forget that before you can destroy music, you have to create it.

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yellow.eyes said...

Whoa. First thing I thought after the riff hit was: "This actually sounds like Econochrist!"