02 September 2014


I guess there was a time when bands like this were just "hardcore," the brief hooks, crew backing vox, breakdowns...all of it was hardcore and Holland's OIL had it all. This 1997 demo is a perfect time warp even if you've never heard these jams before today - it's all of the good shit from late '90s youth crew shits, without any of the shitty shit. I mean, it's not as good as OUTLAST, but "Your Words, Not Ours" is almost as good as "Empty Slogans," and that's a pretty bad ass track and nothing to fukk with so....I'm just sayin'. I feel like kids from OIL did other shit that people cared about later, but maybe I'm wrong? Either way, this demo as your legacy is a damn fine thing, so good job, Dutch dudes. 


Anonymous said...

as far as i know,they got a decent first ep out - with great songs titles likes "metal free Youth" LOL ... Good band,solid demo,stupid lyrics!

Andrew TSKS said...

I know the drummer was in Das Oath... might be other ex-member cred elements as well.