11 September 2014


I don't know if this is promotional tool or a fantastic snapshot of a scene, but Glory Hole and Hermetic dropped one killer collection of trippy pop music with this second volume of FSDC (the first volume rules too, naturally). The DMA track is my personal favorite, like an indie pop track chopped and screwed, and the SUICIDE-esque sparseness of CREEPING PINK is more than a little compelling. Psychedelic acoustic guitar missives and fuzzed out garage punk oddities fill the voids with tracks from HANZ BRONZE, BLACK NEIGHBORHOOD, HOLIDAY GIRLS, DAVID JABLONSKI and a couple of others...just really good tunes. We all need really good tunes sometimes.


Anonymous said...

I haven't even listened to this yet, as I'm currently listening to--and enjoying--the Qulielfi weirdness before it, but I know it'll be great, as I trust your taste in music.
How you find all this great stuff while *also* creating great music of your own I don't know, and I also don't think you get as much love as you deserve for your efforts, but thank you for doing what you do.

Leeks Garlic said...

The Wizard is like a modern day Alan Lomax crossed with Ian Kilmister crossed with Byron Coley crossed with one of the Wyatt Family.

Buddy is a national treasure.

I'm joking but I'm not. Hail ye Wizard!

Bullseye Farrell said...

I always forget that The Wizard has ANOTHER blog- Escape Is Terminal. You need live recordings from the Dillsburg Fire Hall circa 1986? He's got it.