12 September 2014


They are still out there, those scarcely unearthed bands from decades gone by. And in this case, some screaming Swedes get treated to a cassette reissue of their 1986 demo by a label from Croatia....I would like to thank The Internet, because I swear these two entities might have never met otherwise. These are the gems that fell through the cracks when that handful of movers and shakers were furiously dubbing and trading tapes in the '80s....and there must be more, right?! (feel free to send them to me, by the way) Off the rails, spastic and ultra catchy hardcore/thrash here, eight tracks from the demo and seven more from tape comps and who knows where else. Bring it on, because this shit is great (ROVSVETT, 16 B.U.H. people involved here, so the "great" part isn't really a shock). Cheers to Aftermath Tapes for digging this one up, raging shit. And to everyone else....you're welcome.


Magnus Rea R + 16BUH said...


Check out more about Rea respirator, Rövsvett, 16 BUH and other Punk bands from the Town of Tranås.

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