24 September 2014


"Resist Stance" is so fukkn simple, and it's exactly what I want from a hardcore punk song. Everything is in here somewhere: the drums are a little hesitant and drag ever so slightly, they sound tinny and real shitty like those '80s records that you love and you know I'm a sucker for riffs. The breakdown in "Shamed Or Honored" is just....dude. Seriously. CORRECTION learned from the best, and in this case the best reminds me of classic USHC, early Scandinavian punk and knuckledragging mosh all snuggling up on the couch watching skate videos. Listen to their eponymous track before you go to work today, trust me on this one.


Anonymous said...

can not comment on ESCAPE IS TERMINAL so try it here: any chance that you have a live recording of Chicagos own NATAS - thanks

the wizard said...

Nope. Sorry.