13 September 2014


This one made waves when it dropped a couple of years back, and for good reason: Barcelona's ARREST bang out top notch hook laden punk rock, simple as that. Easy to reiterate how perfectly the Spanish language fits with this style of music, but I don't want to gloss over how good the songs are; the guitar lead that plops down on top of the five note riff that makes up the verse of "Functionario" is so simple that you wonder why it hasn't been written a thousand times before - and maybe it has, but that won't matter one fukkn bit while you are listening to this demo. The two vinyl releases from earlier this year are stellar as well, though naturally I tend to lean towards the rawer presentation here. Those of you who are still upset that CRIMINAL DAMAGE shut down their operation after just three albums can rejoice, because ARREST will help fill that void.

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