09 September 2014


My history with this band started in 1998 when I was driving BY ALL MEANS from Italy on their tour with AVAIL and BOY SETS FIRE. After the Memphis show, a friend of mine got piss thrown on his from a rooftop when he left the venue, a reaction to the table of politically left leaning books and literature he was peddling at the show (the Italians, of course, though this was fukkn insane...we explained to them that it was, in fact, Tennessee). We went back to Paul's place and, after a meal and a pleasant visit, we all started to forage for sleeping spots - I lost the musical floor space contest and was about to retire to the hopelessly hot and humid van when Paul offered his air conditioned bedroom (thanks, buddy). He put the Czarzły LP on as we laid down and I fought to stay awake so I could hear more of these magical sounds - I had never heard melodic punk like that before, and I didn't want to miss any of it (though I missed a lot because sleep always wins eventually). I snagged the Tragedia record shortly thereafter (and the others shortly after that) and joined the cultish legions that had figured out that there was a band in Poland doing something really really special. In Lublin a few years later, I picked up this 1988 POST REGIMENT demo (it was one of many that I bought on the suggestion of our hosts....and the only one that I still own); rough, low fidelity (at least on this initial recording) and absolutely brilliant melodic punk that deserves to be uttered in sentences with DEZERTER and ARMIA, there's something indescribably special about many bands from this time and place. Though Nika's voice doesn't really appear until the second side of this demo, you can hear the band's sound developing though the tracks...and when she does start singing you can hear a legend in its infancy. There seriously are not enough words for how good this bands is....my only apology is that this cassette is not first generation and is therefore a bit hissy (what do you expect for a mere seven złoty?), but I feel like that's exactly how this should be heard for the first time. So please do. 

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zhollows said...

I have a really difficult time coming up with answers to "what is your favorite band" or "what is your top 10 band list", but when I do get asked, Post Regiment is always in there somewhere. Seriously, one of my favorites for so many different reasons. The time, the place, the message, the sound... all so great!! Thanks for the words and the hiss.