13 May 2014


I'm not proud, and I don't see any reason to make shit up to make myself seem cooler than I actually am. The first time I knowingly heard BROKEN BONES was a couple of weeks ago when I ripped this tape my friend loaned me (and I only wanted it for the live SEPTIC DEATH that was on the flip side). The internet tells me that these tracks are from the Dem Bones record from 1984, and that the dudes that played guitar in DISCHARGE started this band. Don't worry, I've heard DISCHARGE.


cmg1066 said...

Can you please try and repost the Maggot Sandwich live + demo.The link over at Esape Is Terminal is dead...thanks bro.


you were deprived from one of greatest punk bands of all time been listening to them for almost 30 years another great record from them in bonecrusher

Anonymous said...

Nah, don't listen to S.O.I., do yourself a favour and grab their single collection, thats the real B.B. shit!

and don't worry it's never too later to discover treasures from the past!

Anonymous said...

solid lp although i personally prefer the "bonecrusher" one. im trying to get my bandmates to play something ispired by the bones but with little success i have to admit ;( fucking wankers
if i can request a re up would you mind to put a new link for the causalty (uk82 band)demo,Geese "die till is rock" and the cassette of Raid from japan as well. shit is rare yo
thank u


the wizard said...

It is done.