27 May 2014


One of my bands played with THE GAIA in San Francisco in 199(5?), and while they supremely kicked our asses, I don't think I really grasped their importance or potential impact until they organized our Tokyo shows in 1996 (they picked up up at the train station and told us we had to hurry...it was very confusing...and before we knew it we were watching SHIKBANE and the final performance from SINK - good thing we hurried). Musically, they crank out "traditional" Japanese hardcore with jaw dropping vocals and riffs that stand up brilliantly when compared to contemporaries like DEATH SIDE and BASTARD, even though THE GAIA isn't as heavy as the latter and perhaps doesn't shred as much as the former (though this is debatable). These demos do more than just hold up, their rock 'n roll bent (especially on tracks like "Boys" and "Dream Machine" from the '93 demo) along with the non-stop gallop that commands the airing of fists set THE GAIA apart. You can address their gender if you like, and many do, but it's the content that really kicks up ass.

This DL contains THE GAIA demos from 1990, 1993 and 1994. Their Kick Up Ass and This One full lengths are mandatory listening for Japanese HC fans, as well as the No. 1 EP and the split with DEAD AND GONE. I almost forgot how fukkn good this band was...


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Midnight Mover said...

Wizard- "You are No. 1"

The Gaia rule. One of the very best bands of the mid 90s era- a particularly rich era for ragin' HC PUNK.

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fucking A band. i usally dont like female vocals but this is one of the few exceptions...Goosebumps all the way Always


Unknown said...

I am an original member (Drummer)of The Gaia.
As a matter of fact, I named this band.
I am the one on the right on the top of the picture on this demo tape and I would like to purchase this tape.
I moved to N.Y. in 1996 and I lost contacts with other 3 members....
I am also looking for Omnibus CD we released by "Selfish Record".
Contact me via email!

Unknown said...

I am an original member (Drummer) or The Gaia (I named this band BTW).
I'm on the right side on the top of the picture on this demo tape.
I lost in touch with other 3 members since I moved to the U.S..
Any idea where they are? How can I purchase the tape?
Do you also have our omnibus CD released by "Selfish record"?"Women's Liberation" is the name of the CD.

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Sorry for the typo * of The Gaia not *or

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Sorry for the typo *of The Gaia , not *or