17 May 2014


So here's the thing, and I am telling the truth here: Punk is awesome. Some things inside punk can sometimes be super lame, but as a whole thing, punk rules. OK? Good.

There are a bunch of other things that generally rule and include, but are certainly not limited to: 
1) This RAYOS X tape (vocals are way more strained and the whole thing is more blown out than previous efforts...going backwards suits the band well)
2) The POLISKITZO set I saw tonight (seriously, just.....yes)
3) The fact that last night I saw T.S.O.L. in the year 2014 (Grisham wore a sport coat, was a general douche, and seemed like he would rather be doing stand up comedy - and while the band was legit, I bet his stand up comedy would be better)
4) Punk (never mind the fact that a dude told me last night that his old punk vest was being sold in New York for $2K+ at some fashion place...just fuck people looking like punks that aren't. I mean, I have essentially never looked like a punk but I am, which is exactly why: fuck people who look like punks that aren't. Punk is not cool, that's the whole fukkn point. There were 30 people at the show tonight and it ruled. That's the whole goddamned point)
5) This tape.


Anonymous said...

Punk is for losers. Fuck cool people.


Anonymous said...

This is a perfect paean to punk: you said what you needed to say in a way that's equal parts brevity and sincerity.
And thanks for the latest Rayos X. I haven't listened to it yet, but I love these guys--and come to think of it, I'm pretty sure it was you who got me into them in the first place. Please never stop doing what you do, both musically and online.

Anonymous said...

Rober, where you drunk when you did this review? JAJAJAJAAAA

the wizard said...

Without a doubt.

Luddy Sr. said...

I bought that vest in NY! Feeling pretty punk right now.