23 May 2014


The spoils of 1980s adolescent postal communication and networking just arrived at your doorstep (or your inbox, or your RSS feed, or whatever). My pal Devon got this shit from someone a long time ago (he could probably tell you exactly from whom and when) and, instead of going into detailed descriptions, here is what's on it:
P.C.P. - rehearsal '87
VI - two tracks
RAZOR BLADES - Plastic Messiah EP
WAR OF DESTRUCTION - Nazisvin EP (but with the B side first)
P.C.P. - Split Mind demo

P.C.P. was the real shocker here - both the rehearsal and demo tracks are stellar, while the RAZOR BLADES record admittedly drags a bit (hard to imagine all that girth on one EP, but I am certainly not paying for an original and the internet doesn't lie, so there you have it) and you should already be at least relatively familiar with WAR OF DESTRUCTION and perhaps even VI. This tape is a punk saying: "Hey person from the other side of the world, this is what is happening where I live....what is happening where you live?" And it was done with care and it took a lot longer than assembling a digital playlist. And also, the fool forgot to tape over the NAKED RAYGUN shit at that end, and NAKED RAYGUN pretty much rules....so you win twice today.

I know the tape says "Belgian HC" (inasmuch as Devon's handwriting can say anything at all) after "Sweden HC" was crossed out. All I can say is that those countries are basically pretty close to each other and maybe Devon was suffering from your basic geographical discombobulation that day...and that fools who make mix tapes should take care of cassette adornment (or at least handwriting) before the tape is sent to its new home.


Anonymous said...

P.C.P.??? what the fuck is that band?? only one i don't know and only one i cant find infos about!!

the wizard said...


Anonymous said...

so where are the old danish punks so they can enlighten us???

Anonymous said...

Thank you !
I have had this for a month on my mp3 player while walking around. Lots of great stuff on this !