22 May 2014


The sounds are dark and rough, primitive black metal with sinister troll vocals. Erratic drums blast and roll over the top of a raw and hollow recording, almost preventing the guitars to set the tone that I'm sure they are aiming for. I can't help but wonder if this is some NSBM shit (someone please either confirm or deny this?) but, aside from the song title "Genocide Supremacy" that could have come from a thousand anarcho crust bands, there are no outward indications...just a lingering suspicion. Four tracks, wholly unrefined and genuinely disconcerting, which is most assuredly the point.

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Turbo Jorgensen said...

No sketch. Their album is on Ixiol, who put out Los Asesinos del Pentagrama, a band from Panama and Ashdautas, who were part of the Black Twilight Circle.