19 May 2014


Just lowest common denominator noise-not-music vomiting out versions of Japanese chaos that was really just a ramped up reinterpretation of ENT and DISCHARGE. You can talk until you are blue in the face about how tired this sub-sub-genre is, but BRAIN CANCER fukkn crush it and distort the shit out of it and sometimes you just need your shit crushed so you put a tape like this on and it's so blown out that at times it almost just turns into white noise and that's totally fine. I think this is from a few years ago, I think they are from the Midwest (though I base that on not much more than a hunch), and the last track takes a while to get rolling but is the most interesting ditty on the demo - I'm not even suggesting that you need this, since you probably already have a dozen others just like it. But I am saying that I think there's a time for sounds like this, and for me....that time is 12:07 Monday morning.

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