28 May 2014


It occurs to me that I have not posted any current and/or hip hardcore from the United States of America in several days. I would apologize if I were even remotely apologetic, but instead I will inject five tracks of blistering Brasilian metalcore into your earholes. From Belo Horizonte in the southeast, these kids bash through dual vocal madness ripped straight from the throat of early '00s German shits (if I told you that this was a lost gem from the Per Koro family and you knew what that meant then you would most assuredly believe me). I only wish there were more songs, but I'll take the tornado-meets-anguished-doom that is "Flagelo Terrival" on full repeat instead. These are the sounds that happened somewhere else....while you weren't paying attention.


mattack said...

Whoa, this rules... totally a long lost Per Koro gem. Thanks!

zhollows said...

Those shoe boxes full of tapes you got in Brazil are really paying off!