20 May 2014


While the cover looks like some weird SACRILEGE offshoot (to me, anyway), the sounds could hardly be further removed. Midwest sounds from 1990 that seem torn between reaching backwards to the DC sounds of the late '80s and breaking ground for the grunge explosion that was right around the corner. Without having any context for the band, I feel like they were perhaps (contextually?) not unlike SLUGFUZLE, though probably more rooted in a DIY scene. Only four songs on this tape, and it's not hard at all to imagine a world where this band became something more than just a tape that a bearded sloppy internet hack could celebrate twenty years later (admittedly the vocals are pretty rough and warbly - although they are almost really good). You can imagine that world if you like...but in this world, a bearded sloppy internet hack is celebrating DAYS OF DECISION right now. Whatever, take it...it might be all you get.

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Convertido said...

This is a pleasant surprise indeed! Days of Decision were from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I think they were actually from Dallas but I hate to level such an unqualified accusation. They were active, if memory serves, from the late 1980s until the earliest bit of the 1990s. One of the guys in the band, Moses, was a friend of a friend. Good people, great memories, and nostalgia are a great thing. Now, if I could just grow a beard. Thank as always, you hit me in just the right spot again!!