30 May 2014


Disgusting raw grind from Oklahoma. This shit is at least a decade old but is every bit as filthy today as it was the day it was created. It truly takes a special person (or perhaps it takes a truly special person?) to really sink their teeth into shit like this, and those special people will be justly rewarded after they move their mouse over the download here icon on their screen. EAT SHIT AND DIE are ripping grindcore with crushing breakdowns and almost comically blown out vocals. VOMITOUS UPHEAVAL are sample laden churning mosh/grind akin to West Bay Coalition bands like DEADBODIESEVERYWHERE but way more raw. Once again, the "Noise Not Music" paradigm is put to the test...

In a search for background information beyond state of origin, I discovered that the band names VOMITOUS RECTUM, VOMITOUS DISCHARGE and VOMITOUS are already taken. Which means it's going to be that much harder for me to name my new band. Sometimes the internet hurts more than it helps, you know?

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thanx for this! - mat