28 May 2012


I'm leaving for tour today, so no posts for a while. I know that this will be difficult for all of you, but I am confident that you will be able to pull through. First stop: El Segundo, California to pick up these bad boys:
"Everywhere You Aren't Looking," new 10 track LP on Prank Records

And then we will play a few shows in Austin at the annual extravaganza that is Chaos In Tejas. First show this Thursday (31 May) with NASUM, GAS CHAMBER, WHITEHORSE and others. We are playing Sunday 03 June at End Of An Ear for the release of Rumpshaker Zine's book release (since we come from the '90s), but not before we play the Third Annual Prank Records Breakfast Show, Saturday 02 June with our pals NEGATIVE STANDARDS and a solo karaoke act (as if a hardcore show at a coffee shop called Cheer Up Charlie's at 11am wasn't ridiculous enough). If you are on time, then you can get one of these for free:
"Never Be A Martyr b/w Earhammer Soundsystem," new 45

100 copies on black, free of charge, because apparently a hardcore show at a coffee shop with a dude doing karaoke at 11am in fact was not ridiculous enough. If you are not the punctual type, or perhaps find yourself nowhere near the great state of Texas this Saturday, then you should buy a copy from our friend Ken here (and you don't even need to wait until Saturday - the motherfukker has them NOW). I didn't make very many, and I assure you that it is an excellent record. Why would I lie?

Then tour starts, FORWARD and NO STATIK for a week (dates here), and then I'll be chauffeuring FORWARD for another week through the Northwest. It will be great. Daily posts will resume upon my return in late June. Lots of folks have sent in tapes that I haven't had time to dig into yet. I will, and I thank you. For those of you (most of you) who didn't notice, yesterday's BONEHOUSE demo was my 1,000th post. That's pretty fukkn nuts, and you'll see me in a few weeks.


silvermuletofdeath said...

Congrats ! Your blog is part of my daily routine since i discovered it . You are doing a top notch job .
Have fun on tour and i hope that you will bring No Statik to Europe soon .
Cheers .ARNO

zhollows said...

Have an awesome tour! A and I leave for our own "tour" this afternoon. See you on the interwebs when we get back from India. Have a safe and fantastic set of shows! Can't wait to hear the near records!

Jerash Jordan said...

I caught your band opening for Forward at the Aladdin Jr. in Pomona.
A great, great show. Haven't felt that vibe since the Munich hardcore jugendhaus scene of the 80's! The best of luck to you and hope to catch your band again real soon. I knew Forward was gonna kill, but you guys impressed the hell out of me and the room man. Way to bring it brother!

PRANKREC said...

AFter MAss PRessing Plant delays, "Everywhere You Aren't Looking" is available for General Consumption! Try Your favorite Distro, store and mailorder!!!