06 May 2012


Smart and snarky hardcore from New York City makes another visit to The Escape, one side live and one set of superb studio tracks this time around. "2 Chill 2 Drill" is a masterful piece of restraint, while the rest of the jams on the studio side are packed with addictive and feisty hardcore punk rock - just the way you (should) like it. The live side is full of tasty treats like "Drinking And Doing Drugs While Texting And Driving" and "Light My Farts" but don't let the song titles fool you - these kids mean fukkn business. Great shit, need to go back to New York so I can see them. Find these fools here, and download the music by clicking on the green words that say HOME RUNS II, because that's the name of the tape.


Matt said...

Pretty sure this band is Dipers, as in Wipers.

the wizard said...

They are, but on this tape they spell it with two Ps. I guess they are just trying to keep you on your toes.

Matt said...

Actually, listening the live set, they call themselves "Dippers". Maybe they got sick of people giving them shit for poking fun at Wipers. Or maybe they are finally growing up.