10 May 2012


Yeah, I suppose I could go off on some tangent about that Amphetamine Reptile label and how the stuff from that sub/sub-genre still eclipses half of the music that I hear today. And yeah, I could say that at their best, ROUGH ROPE remind me of TORCHE's hooks, every bit as infectious, put through a righteously aware noise rock via raw punk filter - this shit is ugly as sin and catchy as all hell. Tennessee weirdness gone totally awesome, brought to you from members of Escape veterans GRAVEBOUND. If "Blues Hammer (Detroit)" doesn't connect with you in some manner, then it's possible that we cannot be friends. This will change you.


zhollows said...

This is excellent and I'm glad we can still be friends!

Dk said...

I really like this band's name for some reason. Maybe it's because it compliments their awesome music. Callused hands gripping the bloody struggle ...graaaaugh.