18 May 2012


Mid-90's international comp from the folks at Spock Productions. A few acts you are likely familiar with (WAT TYLER and THE GR'UPS deliver live performances that justify their status, while CITIZEN FISH have never sounded more inebriated than on this recording), but the highlights on this comp are the unknown bands. ONE BY ONE sound like NAUSEA interpreted by a churning, metallic CONTROPOTERE, easily the best tracks on the tape. W.O.R.M. and THE SHREDS manage to make the melodic side of the '90s sounds raw and insistent (no mean feat for these ears), Germany's BOOT DOWN THE DOOR are solid and burly take-no-prisoners hardcore, and there's a bizarre electronic/dance song by Florida's SPHERE LAZA that is going to be getting a lot of spins around TEHQ. Germany, Switzerland, France, England, Italy and the US are all well represented here. You won't get any punk points for listening to it, but the reward for listening to killer jams tends to be rather personal, in my opinion.

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zhollows said...

One By One ruled. Their "fight" ep is one of my favorite UK hardcore 7"s of the early 90s. Yay Friday mixtapes!