24 May 2012


Smart, sharp airy garage sounds. Instantly hooked by surf influenced reverb drenched guitars and '60s garage psych by way of '80s female fronted indie bands. This is me swooning. Fans of previous posts from STARING PROBLEM, AMERICAN SUN, PALMS SPRING and PARLOR will want to take note, and those who enjoy CHIT CHAT will want to check out those other bands. Did I say swooning? Yeah, I did. Love this band.


Dk said...

The "Neo 60's" never sounded so good. I'm loving their twinkly tinge of indie pop and their hint of country on "Cruising". Good stuff. They definitely rock.

PRTY NGG! said...

4 song 7" coming out on PRTYNGG! in late july followed by a split LP with BAD INDIANS.