21 May 2012


Bombastic Swedish hardcore in the classic CIMEX tradition. A wall of powerfully raw guitars cuts through the recording like a scythe and the snare lurches everything forward - always faster - with the machine gun intensity. Anarchist politics on their sleeves and venom frothing from their mouths, this is hardcore. From the first fucking note you will be at attention, from the second note you will be sold.

On the flip side of their six song creamer, CRUTCHES offer up a mini mix tape, featuring FREEDOOM, CRIMEN, SEPSIS, and CONTORTURE.  Killer demo, find CRUTCHES here.


Info Junkie said...

Soooo gooood! Thanks!

CRUTCHES said...

Hey Cheers again for the review.

We're releasing our new 7" on bandcamp for all of you who want it as a digital download. For free of course! D-beat Tsunami!!!


All the best,
Crutches A//E