15 May 2012


Raw and nasty Midwestern hardcore in the ugly tradition of that glorious and beleaguered region. Eight songs in less than six minutes. There's a record out now on Not Normal, the same people who released this cassette.

"I don't want your fucking life // I don't want your fucking sickness // I don't want your disease // I don't want that shit for me."


Bowen Arrow 666 said...

Dude I love your blog! Seriously the best posts. I love tapes as well, I run a small tape label called Rat Tail Horde actually. I was wondering what do you use to convert your tapes? I was thinking about getting an Ion converter.

Later on!

the wizard said...

Tape deck line out to the mic input on the computer. I use Audacity to edit the files. And I have a rat tail, but I'm 40 years old so it's more ridiculous than fashionable.