25 May 2012


I suppose I could have done some research on this one, maybe dropped Markku a line to see if all of these bands are indeed even Finish (sic), but I didn't. Instead I just jammed the shit out of this 43 minute mix over and over. Fukkn crucial shit, more punk than hardcore, and all awesome. Some bands you'll probably recognize, while others will be rage inducing mysteries...26 tracks presented to you without information, the same way the tape came to me. Maybe I'll send somebody a present if they feel like figuring out all the songs and artists? Probably not, but maybe. 


p. hirseland said...

A Challenge!

zhollows said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! Perfect way to end my week in the cube before my 2 weeks off. I love Finish bands as much as I love Sweedish bands!

On a side note, part of me wishes I could actually make it down to Chaos in Tejas this year (but India is a pretty good trade off). Next year for sure! Looks like a great lineup.

Also, I will be sure to let you know how Die Kreuzen is tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Tracks 1-3. are BUTTOCKS (germany)
7-10. Terveet Kädet (finland)
16-17. Widows (finland)
those two are the only Finns on this cassette.