23 June 2012


Since I've been away for a few weeks, I figure I should return with a total scorcher, right? Osaka's JELLYROLL ROCKHEADS existed primarily as a side project made up of RAZOR'S EDGE and FUTURES members, but during their brief run they cranked out some of the most energetic Japanese thrashcore I've ever heard. Lightning speed with a keen eye always turned towards an irresistible hook, they were every bit as amazing live as this 7 minute demo implies. Maximum energy, total irreverence and all out attack. This demo in 1999 (which was put to wax by Youth Attack), and EP the following year, then another EP and a split with EXCLAIM released for their West Coast tour in 2001. That's it, kids, but it's all top notch.


Mr said...

Nice to have you back Mr The Wizard

Anonymous said...

Thank you ! Salamat!
Been looking for this.