03 May 2012


I've posted some shit from these fools before, and since I love this band I'll post some more. As if THE GRUMPIES had somehow been trained to stay between the lines, SURROGATE ACTIVITY crank out insanely infectious and indescribably adorable punk tunes. While "Freezer Aisle" is a burner of a love song (sounds like one, anyway, don't actually know what it's about), "Worry Cycle" is just a burner of a song. Female fronted and appropriately dirty sounding melodic jams from Newfoundland, today's post features their second demo from 2010 (cleaner, slower) along with their 2011 tape (faster, way more distorted). These punks live really far from my house, and that is sad. Fans of THIS IS MY FIST, GRUMPIES, VANBUILDERASS and punk in general take note and start to swoon.

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zhollows said...

So catchy and good! Also thank you for reminding me about Vanbuilderass. I almost forgot about that band.