04 May 2012


Three cheers for bored teenagers copying records onto cassette for their friends. Oorwormer is an essential 1982 anarcho/post punk comp from Holland, and some well meaning punk rocker presented her/his copy with a homemade cover and some crafty editing (the VERZ ED tracks are "Shit, so not on this tape" - though I think that the space time continuum limitations of a 90 minute tape might have been a factor as well, as this comp clocks in just under the 45 minute mark without the VERZ ED songs, so I can only imagine the extra effort required to make a cool cover and a cohesive package with two songs crammed onto the SVÄTSOX Ruins side of the cassette - that's the record taped onto the other side of this shell, naturally it will appear here soon...making tapes is tough work, kids - way harder than crafting a playlist). Two songs each from 13 different seminal Dutch acts, B-SOCIAL and RED ORCHESTRA are my least favorites, though on their own they are still stellar, which let's you know a bit about the exceptionally high level of quality on this comp. NV DE ADEREN turn in two scorchers and might be the punkest act here in the traditional sense, the brilliant INDEX, angular addictions from ZOWISO, dirty melancholy burners from GRRR (fukkn love the guitars), and female fronted bass driven sounds from ASBEST that remind me inexplicably of THE CURE's early recordings. THE EX turn in their expected quality, and the comp rounds out with ATIMS, ZWEMBADEN, HANGDOGS, and  SVÄTSOX - if anyone has a copy of this comp lying around gathering dust, I assure you I will give it a good home.


zhollows said...

I wish boredom in the teens nowadays produced more great stuff like this tape.

Erick Bradshaw said...

Great comp! Early Dutch punk is the best!

joel said...

yeah, the verz ed tracks arent remarkable, and i know well that "gotta make it fit in 45!" aspect of taping, but i hate it when people pick and choose on scene comps :) SO much good stuff on this comp, but then, theres SO much good wormerpunk! and paired with that svatsox lp? nice.

abortus666 said...

can you reupload this also please !!
love dutchpunk
great music here , stupid mediafire

the wizard said...