12 May 2012


Two decades old, and still every bit as amazing as when it was released. On A Mala Hostia, Madrid's ANDANADA 7 (still active today, by the way) blast through insanely catchy political punk, similar in vibe to DAVOVA PSYCHOZA (actually, I hold this record in the same league as that Slovokian band's Antropofóbia, also released in 1991). On tracks like "Sobre Dos Ruedas"and "Autodestruccion" ANDANADA 7 just fukkn rage, but the guitar  still takes the lead and the hooks are undeniable. "Un Cadaver Mas"and "La Bocaes Para Gritar," however, are just brilliant damn punk songs. I'm glad I stumbled across the cassette version of this classic - forceful mid tempo Spanish hardcore tinged with Oi! punk undertones (check the tape's opening and closing tunes if you have any doubts)...yeah, this is as awesome as I remember. 


Matt said...

This is so great, thanks! And so is the DAVOVA PSYCHOZA LP you referred to- you totally pulled me in with that comparison. Anything else you have to offer from that "league" will be greatly appreciated by this melodic euro hardcore fanatic!

zhollows said...

Everything I love about 90s catchy political punk from Spanish speaking countries. Yes!

jimmy said...

i must say that is fun "bike ridin in traffic" music. thanks for easing my commute!