01 February 2012


STILL HAVE A FAITH cranked out their demo in 1992 - ultra high energy US influenced hardcore, the kind of attack that countrymen TOTAL FURY would master a few years later, but still packed with all of the adolescent enthusiasm required to take this rapid fire HC to lofty plateaus. Brief flirtations with melody, and if this were a few years newer I might think that these punks owned a few early NOFX records (fortunately, I think the time line is off and this ill advised comparison is just a coincidence that resulted in a little bit of speed picking on "Oneself").  Predating fastcore (or the term) by nearly a decade, STILL HAVE A FAITH rip through their tracks like they are running from a fire. Killer.

Three of the four dudes cranked out this demo a year later, more youth crew influenced, but rawer and with more of an edge to the vocals. The breakdowns (and the YOT cover) suggest that someone had been listening to a bit of NYHC, and the resulting demo has more teeth that their previous effort. It's pretty cute that they named their demo after their old band. Also killer.

Just over ten minutes for both demos...it seemed logical to share them together.

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