21 February 2012


Far removed from most of the fodder that worms its way onto Terminal Escape, this tape slowly wormed its way into my ears and I can't seem to shake it. Late '80s college rock from West Virginia, this falls somewhere in between MOVING TARGETS and VIOLENT FEMMES. If you want to get even further away from typical Escape posts, apparent 63 EYES frontman Todd Burge is still active and making music (he even worked with some dude that won a grammy), but I'm guessing that his current output won't be to most of your liking. This tape, however, is a perfect blend of not quite commercial guitar rock and Homestead/SST influenced post-punk/pre-alternative sounds - a poor quality and well worn cassette enhances the washed out 25 year old warble that somehow gives this music a legitimacy that it would not have if I managed to uncover a long forgotten self released CD. No artwork, no song titles, very little information...and I'll get to work tomorrow earning back the punk points I have just squandered.


After a pleasant email from Mr. Burge this afternoon, I request that you visit the up-to-date 63 EYES bandcamp here, or peep his current solo efforts here. The demo I unearthed was a poor reproduction of the first 63 EYES cassette release, which you can still get directly from the band. 

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Hole Gash said...

Saw them play in Flint circa 1987 where I bought their lp "Look In For Mothmen". The tune "Salt Stings My Face" can still rouse a wanker from his or her jaded slumber.