06 February 2012


This is exactly what you people want from me on Mondays: chaotic and frantic reverb drenched thrashing hardcore from the backwards ass woods of North Carolina, where the ponx make this music because they need to, not because it's cool. NÖ PÖWER payed Terminal Escape a visit a few months back, and now they are gracing you maniacs with a second session filled with blazing distorted guitars and chanted vocals manipulated to the nth degree...fortunately underneath all this chaos - if you are willing to look - are some fukkn brilliant hardcore songs. Side one features seven jams (including one of the most simplistically crushing intros to have graced my ears in recent memory), while the flip has their first demo, which you can get into by going here if you need more (you do), since it seemed silly to rip the damned thing twice. Seriously killer shits.

Band is here.


Anonymous said...

can i know how to contact this band??i'd like to buy this tape for sure!!im search everyway on their blog but i still cant find their contact

Anonymous said...

try itlwest704*ate*hotmail*doubt*com