03 February 2012


A baker's dozen from a place you have probably never been to, and likely know little about. Yeah, there are punks there. Admittedly, some of these bands have little appeal to me aside from the "Holy shit, where the fukk are they from?" factor, but RAGNAROCK and ZAPADNY are legitimately great (the former in the "whisky, beer and fist in the air" department, and the latter in a perfectly Eastern European anarcho punk manner) and ZLO are brilliantly intense bedroom/drum machine punk suffering from a painful mix. Noise punk madness from SLUM and Tajik psych pop from ZVUKOVAYA complete the circle of weirdness that came to me in cassette form years after Tian An Men 89 shared these sounds with the world (vinyl version still available, and totally worth the effort). Nothing short of eternal respect for Luc and the effort he continues to put in exposing the (western) world to third world punk. Amazing.

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