11 February 2012


Not sure what I was expecting from this tape, the first I've heard musically from an old bandmate since he relocated to Germany a couple of years ago. Whatever my expectations were, consider them well exceeded with this four song dance party. Comparisons to MASSHYSTERI and other catchy female fronted acts are inescapable, as are nods to Will's recent stint with RED DONS, but there's definitely more here than a rehash of clean guitars and hip swinging beats. Completely infectious, and though you might feel like you've heard it before, a few songs spent with that voice and you'll want to hear it all over again.

Kink put this out, you should get a copy for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Have not listened to it yet, but wondering if it's too dancy for the hardcorest of hardcore punk asses.

Maybe it's time to stop nodding to a band in a basement and

Dk said...

This is cool. Bouncy punk with awesome female vocals. Goes down great with Terrible Feelings, The Sceptres and maybe some Dangerhouse singles. I know what I'm ordering for my B-day. Thanks for another awesome post, Rob. Yous da man.