14 February 2012


Refreshing to hear a band just blaze through gnarly hardcore tunes. Sweden's SELF ABUSE (not England's SELF ABUSE) do not concern themselves with pushing limits of weirdness of creativity, and they seem to have little interest in your opinion of their sounds, they are too busy annihilating the foundation of thick and crunchy riffs left to them by three decades of predecessors. Early '80s USHC? Meet early '80s Northern European punk rock. This'll put hair on your chest, and "Senseless Violence" is the soundtrack to my life until further notice. 


God Harvest said...

Yo. Do the have any contact info?


Dave Gutierrez said...

thought this band was sweden?

the wizard said...

Duly noted. And corrected, Adult Crash is from Denmark, and obviously I was lazy.