04 February 2012


Second (and final) full length from VACUÜM, Holland's weirdest '80s drum machine bizarro punks (though I imagine Jos might be able to contradict me on this point). While this one didn't grab me as immediately as their self titled debut platter, these songs are excellent far beyond their sing-song exterior. I wish that the soul nice enough to copy 1985's Feest onto this cassette had been nice enough to include song titles, but we punks are used to making do with less, so I'm sure you will have no problem overcoming this obstacle.


hellpunk said...

1 de tering
2 woef
3 secretaresses
4 heidens geweld
5 boerenlul
6 griezelig
7 ectoplasma
8 vlees
9 kleuters
10 vakantie
11 paranoia
12 cliche
13 gevaar
14 love
15 feest

the wizard said...

Hell(punk) Yes!!
Thanks for this...cheers!