20 February 2012


A trying aural assault, LIMBS BIN blast through 24 tracks of purely digital hardcore in under a quarter hour. Chicago's BLOODY MINDED are the closest musical comparison, bursts of harsh electronic noise delivered in the style of (and with all of the fury of) primitive nihilistic powerviolence. A painful test to see how far you really want to push that Noise Not Music envelope. Courtesy of Tickled Meat, this tape compiles tracks recorded and released from 2008-2010, but you could probably figure that out from the cover, huh?


Gene Quagmire said...

I have this tape. I like it a lot.

Derrick said...

Fuck Yeah! Josh rules, Terminal Escape rules, great to see this up.

Im actually going to be doing away with the storeenvy account, if anyones interested in info or anyhting it can all be found at tickledmeat.blogspot.com

Forthcoming 7" blows away all the previous material

soren said...

post up some bloodyminded! although i think they only released CDRs haha