30 January 2012


Two different artists making totally different sounds but creating very similar vibes in the process. ADAM MOWERY takes a base of breathy acoustic guitar and layers in 4 track bedroom psychedelic sensibilities where appropriate (fortunately, they are appropriate all over the place). Exceptionally laid back sounds suitable for candlelit nights or perhaps mood setting mix tapes for that special someone.

While I dig the acoustic side, the noisy lethargic garage goth from 30 YEAR HEX is much more my speed.  Painfully paced and gorgeously distorted brilliance, these are the miscreants that sat in the corner at the junior high dance, plotting all the glorious ways they could ruin your life. Like lost early FLAMING LIPS demos excavated and enjoyed without dusting off the years, this tape has...something. But luckily, it's the thing that tapes need to make them awesome.


ohmannevermind said...

Glad you like the tape so much - I put it out on my label, and I've released another tape by Adam, with a new one by 30 Year Hex out shortly.

For folks interested in in getting a physical copy, please check here:


Dk said...

I really dug this. A lot! Garage Goth or Gar-oth or whatever - tape definitely rules.