15 February 2012


Hardcore/crust in the two thousand teens is a tough one...the subgenre has been distilled and watered down through generations of punks trying to recreate either the magic of SACRILEGE, the power of MISERY or the soul baring aggression of HIS HERO IS GONE, and the modern result is often an insipid limp dicked shadow of music that used to go straight for the throat and move people. There are exceptions. Ohio's MASAKARI is one of them. Clearly reared on Japanese HC and the third band in the the immensely influential trilogy mentioned in that earlier sentence, they dish out absolutely essential jams, trumped only by the power of their live performance. Allergic To Fun put The Prophet Feeds LP to cassette, and so I share it here.


Anonymous said...

The link is dead. Any chance of a re-upload? Tnx.

the wizard said...