07 February 2012


A glorious cacophony made with just drums and keyboards, this Olympia duo creates a racket that should by all rights drive me insane with aggravation, but instead I find myself returning to these songs over and over again. I'll fall back on my initial impression to prepare you for what you are about to get yourself into: ANDREW W.K. meets THIS IS MY FIST. Yeah, it's weird, and yeah, it's that good. This multi gender duo creates a fantastic racket, and any song that starts with the line: "Haven't laughed this hard in a long time // my face is turning red" gets my vote, even (especially) when the song appears to be about people we love who are dead. This is great, and I recommend it highly.

This was released as a 12" by Rumbletowne.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, this album absolutely rules.

zhollows said...

Wow! From the first note this is so awesome and catchy.