22 October 2011


Sometimes it's hard living in San Francisco. It seems like I have to have a new favorite local band just about every damn week. Conveniently, the guitarist for my last favorite local band also has a hand in this new juggernaut. HUNTING PARTY are mean and frustrated hardcore punk, steeped in internally driven and intelligent '90s hardcore. Members of MIGRAINE, VACCUUM, ECOLI, YADOKAI, FACE THE RAIL, DESOLATION, SYNTHETIC ID and plenty of others. No rules, no convenient subgenres, just ugly. Four songs, all awesome.

San Francisco: NO STATIK, FUTUR SKULLZ, HUNTING PARTY tonight at El Rio.


Harvester said...

Yeah! yeah! fuck yeah!

Boo Boo Danger said...

Thanks for posting this and thanks for an awesome show last night!

Anonymous said...

Here's my review;

"...is this thing fucken ON? ...is this a test? ...this is HardCore, right?"

Oakland, California's Hunting Party (NO definitive article) drops four songs in under seven minutes that, if you listen to more than once? Well, you may not be able to stop.

Nor should you. Honest, horrified vocals. Galloping drums. Bass and guitar mostly moving in tandem, lock-stepping steadily forward to stomp right over you and keep going. Every so often the guitar breaks free to ejaculate a little high-end, which I appreciate. It's like when someone you really care about stops talking to slap you in the face, reminds you to pay attention, dunnit? And the last track, "Straight Shooter", has got some kinda SWING to the midsection that makes me think of Bad Brains or mebbee Robo propelled 'Flag or Reed Mullin learning to drum from listening to the aforementioned...FUCK! It's the whole fucken band, but the drums are leading THAT race, alright?

This is a GREAT demo in that it makes me hungry for more; more songs, vinyl, live... whatFUCKENever! I imagine these people are more devastating in their practice space than most could ever hope to be on stage... My only complaint is the lack of printed lyrics... not the end-of-the-world that, but it'd be nice.

And yeah, I know my references are dated, blah-blah but hell! I don't keep up much, I'm OLD and p.s. ...fuck you. Go listen to whatever Max R'n'R are selling THIS week if you don't like it! The way this demo SOUNDS, it could be from any time, any where! But it's not. It's from RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW and if you sleep on it? You fucken FAIL. Got it?

"Scariest FUCKEN hair-dresser EVER children!"

- eRIK fROMOHIO (Columbus show)

Hope tour was good for you all Robert!