28 October 2011


A hunt saboteurs benefit cassette from the late '80s featuring a handful of bands you know (INTERNAL AUTONOMY, SOFA HEAD, AOS3) and heaps more that you are about to enjoy. BEDOOHA's first tune comes off like a killer WIPERS outtake, R.D.F. would have been a favorite of mine had I heard them at the time, and the B side of the tape is packed with lo-fi dub brilliance. HAPPY SHOPPERS' two drugged out tunes take the cake for my ears, while THE AK47s and a bedroom 4 track instrumental from MR. LULLEY are total winners.  A chilled out and not at all serious sounding comp, meant to benefit a wholly serious cause.

1 comment:

diga said...

sofa head rules...im looking for a band that was on a comp of this kind called ¨that cheesy sensation¨ do you know em ¿¿¿
tommy d.

more lofi dub its always welcome , senhor!!!!!!!!