18 October 2011


A while back I spent a few months on The Escape posting weekly contributions from Oklahoma - I'm not sure how many people not from Oklahoma cared, but I spent a number of my formative years there and therefore the existence of punks and/or weirdos from that state is important to me. One of the tapes I borrowed from Blake that was used to mine these fine Oklahoma punk nuggets contained two bands, both recorded from vinyl, that I had never heard of and could find little or no information about: FIERCE MUONS and THE HOSTAGES. The latter was a killer female fronted art/punk act that will make an appearance here whenever I can track down the song titles, and the former was a brilliant and primitive minimal synthy no wave thing...hard to imagine that it came from Oklahoma in any era much less the early 1908s. FIERCE MUONS were hard to research, and it was only recently that I discovered that it would have been easier to track down this mystery EP had the label misspelled the band's name correctly. Oklahoma City's FYRCE MUONS released their sole EP in 1980 on Cynykyl Records, and the five songs it contains are sparse bursts of frustrated art weirdness. I recently snagged a copy of that EP, Programming & Production For Profit, off of the world wide web and was able to give these bizarre songs a little bit of context, though I confess that this "mystery solved" has only served to pique my interest even more. FYRCE MUONS are a confusing combination of small town bedroom recordings meeting up with truly visionary no wave sounds - ahead of their time regardless of zip code. "Smother" appears to be about huffing gas, a practice I participated in while living in Oklahoma at least once, and the rest of these tracks make about as much sense as recreationally inhaling fumes meant for internal combustion. If there are more recordings, then I want to know about them.

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Cynykylart said...

They are still around, thirty plus years later. They have almost thirty albums and all their music can be heard and downloaded from the blog.cynykylart.com website. Check it out! By the way, Smother is about killing your children.