08 October 2011


Even though they achieve only marginal success some of the time, Olympia's FAMILY STONED reach such dreamy heights when they fire on all cylinders that their efforts cannot be ignored. Wandering from psychedelic dirges through a sea of guitar effects into a deliberate (and hopefully intentional) re-appropriation of a FLOWER TRAVELLIN' BAND guitar lick (or at least half of one), this quartet makes a mature leap into the world of droning retro sound. The vocals don't always work (and indeed they are the only downside to this cassette that my ears can detect), but the constant and deliberate pace and the monotonous guitars create an aura that conjures up lonely late night smoke filled rooms. And drugs. When the vocals do work to their advantage, FAMILY STONED sound like WOODEN SHJIPS interpreting early SONIC YOUTH - and also drugs. 

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stephensharrett said...

We just dropped another tape How can I submit it to you? Also we have a website www.thefamilystoned.blogspot.com and we're going on a west coast tour next week.