26 October 2011


I will leave black metal accolades and descriptors to the experts, but rest assured that if I offer you a metal cassette on Terminal Escape then it is one that I feel achieves some significant goal. In the case of TUKAARIA, it is relentless and genuinely haunting lo-fo kvlt sounds presented as self absorbed goth music. ODZ MANOUK are even lower fi and more traditional black metal, with everything but a tinny guitar and sporadic crystalline keys buried in a wash of murky distortion. This is another release from the Rhinocervs label, who have yet to disappoint. 

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Anonymous said...

You're right about Rhinocervs. I have this tape, but I'm downloading this anyway; digital backup is always good.
Anyway. Tukaaria are great, and Odz Manouk is simply one of my absolute favorite black metal bands right now. So thanks for this!